My Work

"Excellence is not an act, but a habit" -Aristotle


My Skills

Web Design

I take a "Mobile First" approach to web design. I use the latest Responsive Frameworks, HTML5, jQuery and CSS to produce sites with quality UX and Pixel Perfect graphics no matter what screen they're viewed on.
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Original Creative

From pencil and paper to the most up-to-date Adobe Creative Suite software, I use every tool that I can to deliver original, impactful creative content.
My creative versatility is an asset you need on your team!
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Brand Development

If it's never been done, I love a challenge!
Whether you've got a product that needs a face-lift, or a brand new product or service that needs an unforgettable introduction, I will help you bring a successful brand to market!
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Email Marketing

I design and code email with content that engages, retains, and drives subscribers to purchase!
I know all the secrets to Avoid SPAM filters, Get Opens, Get Clicks and my designs render the best in any inbox -even Outlook!
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Social Engagement

I can launch, optimize and manage social campaigns. I have experience forming strategic alliances with key social players, press and bloggers. I can organically grow follower bases and create content and events that drive traffic.

Drive Sales

I was a salesperson first! This sets me apart from most digital marketing professionals. I learned web design and new media to increase the effectiveness of my own presentations.
My passion is increasing revenue with whatever I do!


Michael Lehman

Natural Communicator

Before I could speak I was visually communicating with drawing. After school I spent 15 years generating revenues for service oriented businesses. I went back to school to learn Web Design and New Media.

Detail Oriented

My customers appreciate my attention to detail and have told me that this trait sets me apart from others. I have patience to ensure the highest quality in anything I produce.

Broad Perspective

I've lived abroad and have called both coasts home in the USA. Broad international perspective is vital in today's international market.

Proven Results

From personal sales records to email & web marketing conversion rates, I have a proven track record of achievement.